Treasures of God Children's Home is an orphanage located near Coban, Alta Verapaz in Guatemala. Founded and operated by Naomi Heye, we are a family of 10 girls with special medical and/or physical special needs, ranging in age from 1 1/2 to 15 years old. 

Our mission states: To love, value and become family for abandoned children with disabilities, simply because they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God!
• Operate a home for abandoned girls with special needs, made up of a close-knit community of people living in a family-oriented environment
• Provide quality care and consistency in order to assist each girl in reaching their unique optimal potential
• Meet the daily needs of the girls, including food, shelter and education, as well as any required physical therapies, medications, specialist doctors visits, and surgeries
• Integrate the girls into society and provide life skill training to become as independent as is possible for each girl
• Share the love of God with each girl in the home
• Educate people about the inherent worth and value of each girl with special needs

In Guatemala, as in most developing countries, there is a lack of education and resources available to families of children with special needs. As a result, many myths and inaccuracies are taken as truth. Many people believe that children are born this way as the result of a curse or punishment from God. There is shame involved on the part of the parents, the family, and the child affected.

In addition to taking in girls that are already abandoned, we want to show God's love for each person in this world. We want to teach that God has a special and specific purpose for each person, regardless of what they can or can't do, how they look or act, or what may have happened in their past.

We want to see these children not just survive, but thrive!

Our Vision
We are an orphanage for abandoned children with special needs in Guatemala. Our aim is to love, value, and become family to these children, simply because they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God!
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